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Lydia Haines



I am a Leeds based kiln-formed glass artist.

Much of my work is about life, energy and movement. I am passionate about life and about living it to the full. I want my audience to engage my work in the same way - to indulge their senses, to feel, touch, delight and be invigorated.

People who come to me want something different for their homes or office space - a 'wow factor', something that brings the space to life and reflects who they are.

Featured by FX Design and Plush magazine on multiple occasions, Glass by Lydia Haines offers a broad selection of visually arresting handcrafted fused glass wall art, objet d’art, interior accessories and designer jewellery.

I also offer a friendly personalised design service that tailors to your palette, budget and specific requirements. I am experienced in working with designers and project managers, and I work to commission on corporate and private projects. My clients include head of state and international corporations.


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